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How to Design the Luxury Kitchen of Your Dreams

Thinking of designing your own dream kitchen? It’s no simple process—and once construction starts, there’s no going back, so make sure you’ve got everything you want and need in your design before you get started. But ultimately, designing a dream kitchen is fun… AND you end up with a really impressive luxury dream kitchen!

Here’s what you need to know about designing a luxury dream kitchen.

Consider Function First

beautiful luxury dream kitchen with granite countersBefore adding fancy features or designs, think about practicality first. After all, your kitchen likely needs one of the most functional rooms in your home. So take some time to consider your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen.

Do you spend a lot of time preparing elaborate dinners, or are you someone who prefers a gathering space for hosting friends over simple wine and cheese? Are you a baker or a stove-top chef? Do you have lots of accessories and appliances, or is your focus more on stocking a large variety of food?

Consider Your Layout

designing a luxury kitchenNot all kitchens look the same, but many kitchens feature similar layouts of proven purposes and practicality. When deciding on a layout for your kitchen, consider your five main zones and how you use them—food preparation, washing, cooking, storage, and dining. You’ll also want to consider the size of your kitchen and your future goals.

Four Main Kitchen Layouts

design a luxury dream kitchenMost kitchen floorplans will be a variation on one of these practical layouts.

One-Line: In this style, the counters, storage, and appliances are all lined up in a single row. This is a great space-saver, but can be inconvenient when creating work flow between different zones.

Two-Line/Galley: Galley kitchens are a popular choice for those who don’t have a lot of space but still want to enjoy a practical layout with plenty of storage and counter space. A one-line kitchen can easily be transformed into a galley kitchen simply by adding a center island across from the main work row.

L-Shaped: This style adds an extra leg—and more space—to the standard galley kitchen. It can provide extra counter/prep and cabinet/storage space for gourmet cooks, or add in-kitchen dining space for entertainers.

U-Shaped: One of the most popular and practical kitchen layouts, U-shaped kitchens allow for maximum counter and cabinet space, open layouts, and a great work flow between zones. Short distances make for seamless transitioning between sink, fridge, and stove.

(Practical) Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

luxury kitchen designNow that you’ve got your floor plan figured out, here are some fun (and practical) features you just might want to consider.

Double ovens: Cook two recipes at two different temps! A must-have for avid cooks.

Hidden appliances: No more shifting appliances around on countertops. Hide your appliances in cupboards or drawers while still allowing them to be plugged into and easily-accessible for quick use.

Open floor plans: For entertainers, this is a must! Finish up your meal prep while staying connected to guests in the dining area or family room.

Wood floors: They’re actually easier on your feet and back than tile, and you have plenty of options for color and material.

Low-maintenance and high-efficiency appliances: Take care of your kitchen (and your utility bill) with modern features and appliances that require little or no maintenance, and save you money at the same time. (Plus, they look great to home buyers when you sell your home).

Ample lighting: There’s nothing worse than a gloomy, poorly-lit kitchen. Ensure yours never faces this problem with plenty of lighting options, like overhead lights, pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, and plenty of sunny windows.

Looking for a Dream Kitchen in Central Florida?

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