Celebration Island Village – Here’s What’s New!

In December of last year, we shared with you the GREAT news that Celebration, FL is set to break ground on their fifth residential village, Island Village. We’ve recently received more great news. Mattamy Homes is excited and honored to be the developer of Island Village.

Mattamy Homes Shares Their Excitement

Alex Martin, the Orlando Division President of Mattamy shared his enthusiasm last month during an interview with GrowthSpotter; “This is a rare opportunity, and we’re super excited,” he said. “The good news is every developer says they want to mimic what Celebration has already achieved. The beauty is we get to carry on what Disney created at Celebration, and we can work hand-in-hand with Disney and the town architects to refresh the vision of what’s already been wildly successful.”

A Perfect Match
Mattamy Homes is a well-known and highly respected developer with a strong reputation in Central Florida. They are no strangers to large development projects. Earlier this year, Mattamy signed a deal to be the exclusive developer for a 4,000-home project at Starwood. Considering the quality of their product, their reputation, and their enthusiasm to work with Disney, Mattamy certainly does sound like a perfect fit for Celebration.

The Details
Island village will be comprised of 1,014 single-family-homes, 296 apartments, 30,000 square feet of commercial property, an elementary school, plus five acres dedicated to parks and civic use. Mattamy’s thoughts on the first phase would likely include roughly 200 single family homes, the entire set of apartment units, and the beginning of construction on the new elementary school.

Martin adds, “Island Village will have its own town center. We want to create a reason for someone to come to Island Village, and there is an opportunity to put some commercial there. We want it to be a place where people can socialize and gather.”

Mattamy plans to offer a variety of price points. “We will have an attached product and another three or four product lines,” Martin said. “We want people across the spectrum to have an opportunity to purchase in the community.

While Matammy is not a custom home builder they do recognize that high end custom homes are part of the fabric of Celebration. The developer will explore the possibility of themselves building custom homes. However, if it will better serve buyers to partner with area custom home builders, they may extend a limited number of partnerships.


How Did They Decide?
To best serve Celebration and prospective buyers, Mattamy took to the experts! Who better to share Celebration market demands than focus groups of active Celebration Realtors and prospective buyers. The developer held several focus groups to determine what would bring the most success to Celebration’s new village.

The Timeline
Currently, Mattamy is in the early planning and design stage for Phase 1. The first order of business will be to create a transition zone that will extend the feel of Celebration into Island Village.

Based on interest and demand, Mattamy will consider offering a pre-sales opportunity prior to the completion of the model homes, which are expected to be ready in 2019.

We’ve Got Our Eyes and Ears Open
As the planning and timeline flushes out, we’ll be here to share the news! If you’re looking to be one of the first to seal the deal on an Island Village dream home, give me a call today at 407-433-9699.

Are you Interested in Owning a Home In Celebration?

If you’d like to learn more about living in Celebration contact me! I’ll help you explore Celebration, FL, learn more about buying a home in Celebration, or start searching homes for sale. Why wait? Let’s get started today.

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