Selling in Central Florida? Your Home Could be Worth More Than You Think

Are you thinking of selling your Central Florida home but not sure what it’s actually worth? If you’ve lived in your home for a while, completed some upgrades or repairs, and taken good care of your home, it could be worth more than you think! Here’s how to get the most value out of your home when selling in Central Florida.

Start Off by Making Your Home Shine

home staging tips for selling in central floridaBefore you even think about pricing your home, listing your home, or even taking pictures, make sure your home is in tip-top shape. This can include completing basic repairs and minor upgrades, painting and redecorating, and yes, cleaning. Here are some more great ways to make your home really stand out from the crowd.

Next, Price Your Home Right

finding the right price when selling in central floridaSetting the right price is crucial to selling quickly and for top dollar. Price too high, and you’ll deter buyers, leaving your home to fall to the bottom of online searches, forgotten. Price too low and your home will probably sell fast—but you’ll lose out on your hard-earned equity.

So, how do you find the right price for your home? What factors come into play?

The Market Matters

resources for selling a home in central floridaYour home is only as good as the ones around it! If other homes are selling for significantly lower than your home is listed, your home won’t sell. If other homes are selling for more than your home, you can likely list a little higher. Knowing what’s happening in the market is an important step in pricing your home correctly.

Can’t Find the Right Price? Try This

name your price when selling a home in central floridaIf you’re not happy with the current state of the market and what your home should logically list for, or if you’re maybe not quite ready to sell, try naming your price… and waiting for the perfect buyer to come along!

Are You Thinking of Selling a Home in Central Florida?

If you’re thinking of selling your Central Florida home, then it’s time to contact me, Dana Hall-Bradley. As your guide to luxury real estate throughout the Central Florida, I’m here to help you learn more about the state of the market, get your true home value, and successfully list your home.

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