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It’s Official: Disney Is Moving to Lake Nona

Key Takeaways:

  • In an unprecedented move, Disney has announced a $864 million campus in Lake Nona, which is slated to draw countless jobs from California to Central Florida.
  • The new 300,000 to 400,000+ square foot campus could have a pretty amazing impact on our already blossoming area.
  • If you’re wondering how Disney’s move to Lake Nona will impact the housing market, just contact the Dana Hall-Bradley Group!

What You Need to Know About Disney’s New Lake Nona Campus

The Walt Disney Company recently announced an unprecedented move to Lake Nona, Orlando’s most popular master-planned community. Up to 2,000 jobs will be relocated from Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products Division, which is currently headquartered in California. And if you want to know how this surprising development will impact the Lake Nona area, we’ve got all the answers you need to know.

Disney plans to build a new headquarters in Lake Nona

Lake Nona near Disney

Disney’s shocking move comes as both Disneyland and Disney World reopen their doors for visitors after the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the 2,000 jobs coming to Lake Nona relate directly to Disney’s parks, including its international endeavors. And even though this relocation from Southern California only represents 5% of the company’s west coast staff, the transition should have a sizable impact on Lake Nona.

The Lake Nona campus is one of Disney’s largest investments in the area to date. The $864 million campus might expand even further over the next 18 months, and it could become home to famous departments like Disney’s Imagineers and Disney Cruise Lines. Disney has already applied and been approved for a capital investment tax credit through Florida, which makes Lake Nona’s location near Orlando even more attractive.

Lake Nona has some pretty impressive advantages for Disney

Epcot in Disney

Lake Nona might be just a 25-minute ride from Disney, but our area’s locale offers more than a few advantages for Disney. When asked about the move, The Walt Disney Company lauded Lake Nona’s “…nearby infrastructure, such as available homes, schools not at capacity and proper commuter roads, as well as the state’s lack of an income tax.”

As one of the fastest growing master-planned communities in the nation, Lake Nona truly offers something for everyone. And as more Disney executives move to the area, we could see an unprecedented influx of growth. As of mid-2021, AdventHealth, InnovaCare, and Beep also announced new headquarters in the area—so it’s safe to say that Disney is in good company.

Lake Nona’s real estate market will become more competitive

Florida open house

If you’re on the fence about buying a home in Lake Nona, don’t wait any longer. Over the last year, home prices skyrocketed by more than 80%, and Disney’s move could make the market even more competitive. However, this is fantastic news for sellers and homeowners looking to build more equity, especially at a luxury price point.

Wondering how Disney’s relocation to Lake Nona will affect your move? Feel free to give our team a call to discuss your options! We’d love to give you a full briefing on today’s market and help you come out on top.

Work with a Trusted Lake Nona Real Estate Team

Boasting years of Floridian real estate expertise, the Dana Hall-Bradley Group has what it takes to help you buy or sell in Lake Nona. Just contact us today, or explore our guide to Lake Nona to learn all about the area. We’d be happy to guide you through every step of your next real estate journey.

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